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What's goin on y'all, I'm Lady J, the creator of #ForBrownGirlsBlog and the host of Conversations With A Brown Girl podcast.

As early as elementary school, I suffered from anxiety and depression, but I didn't know. Growing up I was always sad, but would try to deal with it or move past it.  As I got older, I had moments of depression and being a teenager, I thought that these feelings were par for the course.

After I had my first child I had postpartum depression, but it didn't go away. I did go to counseling, but never saw it through ... until one day in February.  I was spiraling and new I needed to get help ASAP. I was able to enroll in an intensive therapy program that diagnosed me with Anxiety and Depression.  They also gave me a treatment plan that has helped me immensely! I still am in therapy because it has been my saving grace.  

Therapy = Self-Care

I wanted to use my pain as my platform to help other BlackWomen. The mission of #ForBrownGirlsBlog and Conversations with A Brown Girl podcast is committed to educate, uplift, support and empower Black Women while on their path to wellness.  My brand promotes self-care, self-love, healthy living and improving one's mental health through content that is relatable, reliable and useful.

My hope is that after reading and/or listening to my content you can walk aways saying that​ the #FBGB Brand fulfilled its mission while on your journey to healing.

To Your Wellbeing,

~ Lady J

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