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What's goin on y'all, I'm Lady J, the creator of #ForBrownGirlsBlog and the host of For My Brown Girls! Podcast.

As early as elementary school, I suffered from anxiety and depression, but I didn't know.  Growing up I always just was a sad kid and would try to deal with it or move past it.

As I got older, I had moments of depression and by me being a teenager, I thought that anxiety was par for the course.

After I had my first child I had postpartum

depression, but it didn't go away. I did go to counseling,

but never saw it through

... until one day in February.  

I was spiraling and new I needed to get help ASAP. I was able to enrolled in an and intensive threapy program that helped me identify my diagnosis.  I still am in therapy because it has been my saving grace.  


Therapy = Self-Care

I wanted to use my pain as my platform help other BlackWomen. The mission of #ForBrownGirlsBlog and For My Brown Girls! Podcast is to educate, uplift, support and empower Black Women who struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health struggle.

My hope is that after reading and/or listening to my content you can walk aways saying that​ the #FBGB Brand fulfilled its mission while on your journey to healing.

Please to feel free to reach out to me, my email and social media info is below

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